Vivavideo pro apk Download Latest Version 2020 (Updated)

Vivavideo pro apk is one of the best video editing apps on Android iPhone or iPad right now it packs in a ton of professional level functionality. so it can get a little over whelming for new users. but don’t worry because in this Post we’re take you through a complete edit step by step. so that you know exactly how to use it and as we go through let me know in the comments.what’s your biggest tip for new users using Vivavideo pro apk .  it can be from this Post or it could be something else that you’ve picked up from playing around yourself. now just a heads up as we get into it we’re  covering on every feature in here.a big part of that is the process no matter what editing software Vivavideo pro apk you are using so to help with this. I’m going to take you through here using the primal video method which is the most efficient way to edit your videos down with minimum wasted time using Vivavideo pro apk.Vivavideo apk on play store see more.

Vivavideo pro apk

Here I present you one of the best and most downloaded video editing applications for Android devices. That has already been described at the top. Everyone calls him Vivavideo pro . However, there is an improved version called Vivavideo pro apk. It is also known as Vivavideo pro apk.

I will provide you with how to download and install the Vivavideo pro apk on your Android / Pc / Windows and other devices where it is supported.

Vivavideo pro apk APK File Details:

App NameVivavideo pro apk
Android Version4.3 and Above
Latest Version6.0.4
Total Downloads300,000+
App size53.5 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of Vivavideo pro with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 day ago

Vivavideo Pro Apk 2020

Vivavideo pro apk this is what you see when you first open up the app now Before we jump into creating our editing project. it’s a good idea to get your app Vivavideo pro apk set up so go to the Settings button down the bottom left hand corner and in here you can manage things like your account settings.

Features Overview of Vivavideo pro apk

you’ve got your editing settings as well so the default settings Vivavideo pro apk for the majority of your projects like the photo layer duration. you’ve also got your default settings for photo cropping now this is one that I would actually recommend you change and this is a question that we get asked a lot when people import their photos it applies this Ken Burns effect or this slow pan or some motion across it. if you don’t want that you just want to bring your photos in then change this bottom setting here to either fill screen or to fit in’ve also got audio recording settings and also some sorting settings.

What Is New Vivavideo pro apk

Vivavideo pro apk or if you’ve already got a purchase and you’ve just installed the app this is where you’ll restore that purchase on your device so by having a subscription this is where you can remove all of the watermarks Vivavideo pro apk , you can access the premium assets things like stock footage title templates and other effects.

Vivavideo pro apk icon

VivaVideo is the Pro Video Editor and Free Video Maker application, with all the video editing functions: cut video, trim video, trim video, merge video, edit video with music, edit video for YouTube, add music to video, add text to video, and so on. Download VivaVideo to edit videos with music and effects

transition Effects
Colour filters
keyframe animation
No watermark
Multiple layers of video, images, stickers
Special effects and handwriting

Features Overview of Vivavideo pro apk

Vivavideo pro apk is a full-featured free video editing app for android users. It is very easy and simple to use. It has lots of powerful tools that help you to make a professionals video.Guys this is the best features and this is the all in one application. With the help of these features, you can edit your video in different size like:-

Stickers & Emoji
Love Vivavideo pro apk 2020 is a free stickers app for video with more than 3000 funny emoji, love emoji stickers and love smileys to send to your friends 💗. This love stickers app offers a huge variety of beautiful cute Emojis, face emoji, 3d emoji, happy stickers, photo stickers,
Vivavideo pro apk Font uses deep learning to search our collection of over 133,000 font styles and find the best match for the fonts in your photo. It even works with connected scripts and when there’s more than one font in an image.
A transition is a word or phrase that shows the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech. Transitions provide greater cohesion by making it more explicit or signaling how ideas relate to one another.
Audio is divided into sound effects and music Music is used to video background, and here a lot of music.
Visual effects created in the computer that provide interesting transitions from one scene to another rather than just switching frames.They include fading or dissolving the frame, cleaning one frame over another, and flipping the frame. See erase, transformation and digital effects.

Aspect Ratio Size

The aspect ratio Vivavideo pro apk of an image is the ratio of its width to its height. It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by colons, as in 16: 9. For an x: y aspect ratio, the image is x units wide and y units high. Widely used aspect ratios include 1.85: 1 and 2.39: 1 in film photography, 4: 3 and 16: 9 on television, and 3: 2 in still camera photography.

16:9 – this ratio is used to edit YouTube Videos, the Facebook video even this is Landscape Size.
9:16 – this ration is used to edit Story types video like ( Tiktok, Whatsapp Story, Insta Story, Facebook Story, etc.)
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Transitions Effect

There are several types of transitions that can be used in Vivavideo pro apk. Below is an alphabetical list of different types of transitions and what type of animation or effect they give your program. Please note that not all of the transitions below will be available in all programs that support transitions.

Blinds: Flip bars horizontally or vertically like slats on blinds to reveal the next scene.
Frame – Display an overview of the current scene and rotate it as if it were in a frame to display the next scene.

Multi-Track Audio

Everyone is bound to get over the things they have: the cheap guitar from the department store, the small practice amp, or their studio gear. Vivavideo pro apk As you do more in your home recording setup, you eventually find that you need more features, like inputs or MIDI, especially when your solo home recording hobby gets more serious. Bands start, maybe you take clients or make more instruments. For this, your basic 1 or 2 input audio interface may need to be replaced by one with more inputs.

Vivavideo pro apk screenshot
Vivavideo pro apk screenshot

Vivavideo pro apk screenshot 2

Vivavideo pro apk screenshot

Voice recording

Best recorder for sound recording with Vivavideo pro apk. Voice recorder application is Vivavideo pro free. It is simple and easy to use. You can reliably record your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs. There is no time limits. This application Vivavideo pro apk can record most of your sound and voice. You can record a business meeting, a lecture, an interview. This app is a best choice. Other names which you can call it: voice recorder, audio recorder, sound recorder.


1. record voice with high quality
2. simple user interface, easy to use.
3. Supported operations in this Version.

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Video Joiner

You don’t need to trust any complex software to merge your videos. Vivavideo pro apk allows you to merge your videos directly from your phone.


Vivavideo pro apk is a simple application to combine and merge video files into one file. Supports different video formats with different frame rate, same frame size and same audio speed.Vivavideo pro apk – Side By Side is a unique application that allows you to make creative videos. Take two videos and combine them into one video and watch them play side by side.

By using Vivavideo pro apk you can:

  • Side by Side Vivavideo pro apk : Select two videos and the videos will be merged in side by side style.
  • Up Down Down: Select two videos and the videos will be merged in up down style.
  • sequentially: select two videos and the videos will be merged one after a style.

Vivavideo works in the background and allows you to do other things while your video is being processed.

Vivavideo pro apk is a very powerful video merging application that allows you to combine or merge your favorite videos into a single large video. Use Video Merge to combine 2 videos. This application supports options to merge videos and join two videos. Share the combined video with your loved ones directly from the app.

Blur Video Editor
You can blur left and right sides, up and down, create a blur square around any video as well as choose to blur the inside or outside of any fixed shape. Choose if squaring the video first, what and where you want to blur and select the intensity.Select a shape, select inside or outside, play the video, move your finger on the video. Check the preview. If you like, then process, otherwise repeat. Get fun with your friends. Watch and share your videos on Intagram, Snapchat or other socials.

Installing Vivavideo pro apk

Installing process Vivavideo pro apk flow :

Step 1: After downloading Vivavideo pro apk, you have to enable installation from an unknown source. We need to enable this option because Vivavideo is not available on official stores like play store. To enable unknown source installation, go to>settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source.


Step 2: After enabling installation from an unknown source, you have to locate the Vivavideo pro file in your device. For this you have to go to>device storage>downloads>Vivavideo pro apk. Now just tap on the install button and wait for few seconds. It depends on your device ram.



The main benefits of Vivavideo pro apk are its intuitive feature set and highly useful tools.Vivavideo pro apk is a popular video editing tool for users who want to focus on editing and making high-quality videos. The software offers editing support for 4K videos. It is an affordable product equipped with tools made for video and audio. It offers users a wealth of options when it comes to designing, adding effects, and customizing videos. The tool allows users to add overlays, create animations and elements, add audio, and insert text. It is an ideal tool to have especially for those who want to make dedications, tributes and stories in their videos. Voiceovers can also be included in any video.


The main disadvantage of using Vivavideo pro apk see :

Watermark in free version.
No motion tracking.
No video keyframe.
No free hand masking tool.
Color grading tool is limited. No color wheel, curve or waveform.

FAQ Vivavideo pro apk

Is Vivavideo pro apk worth buying?

You see, Vivavideo pro apk is easy to use and can clearly give your video a very professional look, or it can even be good enough to edit audio. … Of course, at Vivavideo you can achieve much better results than both softwares, but if you want to take video editing seriously, you should focus on what is best for you.

Is Vivavideo pro apk good for beginners?

Don’t worry, Vivavideo pro apk is a video editing software created by Vivavideo that will make your life easier and with excellent results. With the quick and easy to learn layout, you can create videos like a pro with impressive transitions and effects, cut and export quickly, and easily upload to YouTube as well.

Is Vivavideo a watermark?

Removing watermarks from your videos with Vivavideo pro apk video editing software is a simple and easy process. You don’t have to be an experienced editor in order to complete these simple editing actions. … And to remove the watermark from Vivavideo, you may need to subscribe.

Is Vivavideo pro good for editing?

Vivavideo pro is a simple, elegant video editing software designed for amateur users. Anyone can learn how to work in this program for about 15 minutes. The final results always look nice but if you use its free version, your footage will be with watermarks.

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Final Word Vivavideo Pro Apk

Vivavideo Pro Apk is ideal for editing short videos and creating short video ads. Vivavideo Pro Apk is great when you need a little more features than the old Windows Movie Maker. But the process of importing templates (pay) from the library is cumbersome, the software is switching between local and online installation. You have to log in every time you use Vivavideo Pro Apk. This could be improved a bit in my opinion.Vivavideo Pro is used for video editing, stitching together multiple videos and taking advantage of effects such as overlays and other video editing tools and features. Vivavideo has a growing effects package and subscription service giving you access to more transitions, effects.

Vivavideo pro apk Download Latest Version 2020 (Updated)

✪ Vivavideo pro apk 2020 is #1 World Best video editor for android users [FREE Access All Features, Ads FREE, Export Without Watermark] Download Mod

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